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Birthdate:Jan 28
Location:United States of America
Website:fic recs @ del.ici.ous
My other alias is sesshiyuki. I won't be transferring my old entries from LJ to DW, and am instead making this a fresh start. When I've settled in, I may crosspost unlocked entries from this journal to LJ. Expect sporadic updates about writing, fic, books, beading, and gardening. \o/ Suscribe or unsuscribe at will.

Layout credit goes to Boo.

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akimi yoshida, anime, avocado plants, banana fish, bandom, beading, books, books as bricks, capslock = cool?, defending naruto, due south, farfarello, fic, fonts, gerard ... manley hopkins!, graphic novels, green tea, gundam wing, harry potter, icons, jewelry, karin lowachee, latin, laundromats, love in unexpected fandoms, manga, mikeyway is the new milkyway, old buttons, oscar wilde, pens, poetry, pomegranates, rock lee, semicolons, short stories, slash, unicorns, weiss kreuz, when gway says motts, wraeththu, yasha
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